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Let’s just hope we sunk the post deep enough…


2010 Recap

We came a long way last summer. The first beds didn’t go in until mid June when we finished helping with the heavy earth moving and such over at the 62nd Street Garden.

Our first weekend we put in three raised bed frames. They aren’t all that raised and we didn’t do much to the help the rocky/sandy soil thick with crab grass, but our main goal at that point was just to get something in.

Our first three beds go in.

Here are those first three beds, along with a big hunk of concrete we've rigged up as a kind of bench.

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My how the time flies…

Well then…

The first beds built at the Kimbark Flower Project

Kimbark Flower Project just getting established

The good news on the Flowers for Kimbark front is that we managed to do quite alot in the first year, but as I’m sure you can tell from the last posting date, we didn’t do a very good job of doing updates on our progress. Between putting in flower beds, and helping to establish the 62nd Street Garden, and canning our harvest last year we just didn’t manage to login and post. We did manage to take some pictures though, so I can at least give a recap of how things went for the summer of 2010. All of which I hope to sprinkle up on to the blog in the next few days. Lets just hope I get to it before the end of the summer!


This story begins with an empty lot.  Mostly, at least.

The lot is across the street and is filled with weeds, trash, and other city debris.  As far as I can tell, it’s main use is as a toilet for the neighborhood dogs and cats.  Nothing has happened with this lot in at least the four years that we’ve lived here.  Nothing will either in the foreseeable future, according the alderman (another story there).

During the warm months, it fills with weeds that are routinely whacked down by city workers.  During the hot months, it turns brown.

We’ve become tired of this view from our window.

This year, we’ve decided to start converting the lot into a flower garden.

Welcome to Flowers for Kimbark.